Why Consultants Choose Steyer

At Steyer, you’re more than just a number. We specialize in content roles (writers, editors, designers), so clients looking for a great content person know they can count on us to connect them to excellent talent. We’re able to make that connection because excellent talent likes to work with us; we take very good care of our people, and our approach is directly reflected in our business model. The bulk of our revenue goes to candidate advocacy with our broad slate of clients from coast to coast, competitive pay for consultants, excellent health benefits, and ongoing consultant support.

Our process

Our business development team works with the hiring manager to understand their budget, workplace culture, and requirements for an open job or outsourced project. We take the time to get this part right; when we match you to jobs, we’re thinking about quality of fit on both sides.

Our recruiting team then goes on the hunt to find candidates who will be a good match for the role. Then, our recruiters interview those candidates to find the talent most likely to be successful in the role and thrive in the client’s particular workplace culture.

The client hiring manager decides if and when to interview you or any of the candidates we’ve submitted, and provides us with feedback. As the search and vetting process continues, you’ll get regular updates so you’ll always know where you stand. If the manager decides to extend an offer, Steyer coordinates with you on the final details, including formal employment paperwork, start date, compensation package and more.

It doesn’t stop there: Over the course of your contract, Steyer regularly connects with both you and the client to track how the work is going and to advocate for you if any issues crop up. And as your assignment nears a close, we proactively begin looking for new opportunities for you.


Why should I work with an agency instead of applying directly?

If you’re an applicant, working with Steyer to find employment is an efficient way to cut to the good stuff: doing the work you love. We advocate for you not only during the hiring process, but also during your contract (and the one after that). You’re guaranteed great benefits and a listening ear whenever you need one. Our goal is to build a partnership with you over time to help you advance your career and add to your skill set. Many of our consultants work with us for years on multiple contracts.

Are all contracts set up exactly the same? What do I need to know about how my pay rate is determined?

Before we submit you to a client for a job, we work with you to establish an acceptable pay rate informed by the market and your needs. The final pay rate is based on a number of factors, most of which are non-negotiable (the client’s budget, our operating costs, and for full-time employees, a mandatory 15 days of paid time off). In our business model, our average profit margin is about 5%. Deal by deal, that number may vary based on the answers to these questions:

  • What’s the client’s bill rate?
  • Is the placement a “bluebird” (an arrangement that didn’t require recruiting)?
  • How long is the contract?
  • How risky is the contract for Steyer?
  • Does the contract help open new doors for us? What’s the strategic value?

The bottom line is this: individual rates are informed by a lot of factors. Steyer guarantees that we’ll work hard to ensure that our rates make sense to you. We’re always happy to discuss our logic, and we encourage questions.

What can I do to improve my chances of getting submitted for a job opening?

While we won’t submit you to a client unless we think you’re a good fit for the role, it’s easier for us to connect you to the right job if you’ve already sent us a polished resume, work samples, manager references, and (if it makes sense for you) your desired hourly rate.

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