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Steyer’s business model directly reflects our core values: connecting the right people to the right jobs, nurturing healthy work environments, and providing excellent service. We succeed as a company when you find the right fit and feel good about it, whether you’re a job seeker or a hiring manager.

The vast majority of our new business comes from repeat clients and referrals. Our clients and consultants love working with us. Learn more:

Why Clients Choose SteyerWhy Consultants Choose Steyer

Clients and consultants who’ve worked with Steyer in the past:

  • As I contemplate how to describe a Steyer candidate, I think of our temp-to-perm Steyer hopeful who just had her one year anniversary with IronPlanet. She is an outgoing, can-do person who has personally wrangled many, many of our sales guys (yes, guys) and met their deliverables with charm, calmness and humor. I think about another colleague who spent a year with us putting structure to our public relations program, which spans five brands, myriad spokespeople, and 50+ trade publications. Again, a team player who pleasantly kept many balls in the air with very little supervision. And, finally, I think of Katelyn, our first “Steyer-ite” who, while working remotely, jumped in with both feet. She became a seamless member of our team, and whipped our blog into shape while also writing some bylines on pretty boring subject (but with her usual gusto). She was so good that she went in-house at Steyer to drive their marketing efforts.

Steyer finds people who fit your organization. Ours is a fast, independent, chocolate-eating group that laughs a lot. Steyer knew we had a certain “grab hold” type of culture and were able to find people who fit and who could work within our team dynamic. They are a people-driven firm that acts quickly and professionally, but with a heart for the work and their clients.

Susan Stillings, IronPlanet SVP

  • I choose Steyer because they really take care of my people.

    Todd Y., Microsoft Manager

  • When I was a Principal Content Publishing Manager at Microsoft, technical writers and editors from Steyer helped us document our business processes. We started with processes and intranet content for the CPub team, but the work was so well done that we had the Steyer experts document several of the broader team’s practices, including Product Lifecycle documentation, product specifications, and intranet content. We would not have been able to complete that work without the resources from Steyer.

    Shawn P., Senior Content Strategist

  • Steyer was a great place for me to cut my teeth on technical writing. The staff is excellent, the support is on point, and they employ good writers who know how to get the job done.

    Andrew S., Content Developer

  • I love Steyer. By far, the best agency I have ever contracted with. I would refer anyone I know to your company with the highest level of confidence.

    James R., Project Manager

  • I’m working on a project I understand, with great people, in a beautiful office space. This is a really great fit for me. I’m very happy. It’s been a while since I felt comfortable in my work and really enjoyed every aspect of it. Thank you for helping me get here. Steyer has been excellent at all communications, working with me on benefits, everything. It would be hard to be more satisfied at this point.

    Sonja B., Technical Writer

  • You guys have absolutely been the best company I’ve ever worked for. You should hear me rave to everyone about your hands-on approach, great benefits and all-around awesomeness! I’m always recommending you to other writers.

    Shannon M., Technical Writer

  • If the pre-employment process is consistently like the one that I experienced, then it doesn’t need improvement. The way the assignments were scheduled and organized by the Steyer PM led to an excellent balance of work load.

    Stephen H., Programmer Writer

  • I will definitely call Steyer when I return to the work force.

    Teresa G., Technical Writer

  • Steyer’s professional staff has found the best approach to accomplish as much as possible in a short amount of time. I’m very appreciative for the opportunity to work for Steyer Associates. I hope to work again soon. Thanks!

    Troy G., Web Developer

  • It’s the nicest agency I’ve ever worked with; very together staff, efficient, pleasant. I hope to continue to work with Steyer when this one is finished.

    Teri G., Technical Writer

  • I greatly enjoyed working with Steyer, and appreciated the transparency and professionalism.

    Steve S., Programmer Writer

  • Steyer treats its employees better than any agency I have worked for. When I moved over from (another staffing agency) I received a raise while filling the same position. Also, I didn’t find any contractual nonsense with Steyer that would prevent me from taking another job after Steyer. I appreciate that Steyer offered a laptop for me to use.

    Jim K., Programmer Writer

  • In equal measure, the easy communication with clients at (Company Name) and Steyer, and the engaging subject matter, permitted me to combine science and technical writing with creative writing suitable for an installation with historical perspective. I appreciated the faith and trust shown by all members of the Steyer Associates team. Thank you!

    John D., Scientific Writer

  • Steyer was always ready to do whatever it took to make sure I was equipped to perform as efficiently as possible while on assignment. I would definitely recommend Steyer as a staffing agency.

    Chris W., Content Editor

  • I was very happy with the support I received from everyone at Steyer. During renewal periods – often a trying process — Steyer staff was excellent at communicating and keeping me apprised of progress. I also appreciate the support I received during salary negotiations. I think the meet up/lunches are a great way to keep in touch with staff and meet other employees — really appreciated these. In short, everyone I worked with at Steyer was professional, friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic. I had an excellent experience and would jump at the chance to work with Steyer again, and I will continue to advocate for the agency with folks that I come across who are looking for representation. Thanks for all your help and support!

    Jimaco B., Programmer Writer

  • Enjoyable work, good communication with Steyer. Really enjoyed working with Steyer.

    Greg G., Content Editor

  • Pre-employment went well. Initial contact and communication was professional and timely.

    Nikolaj L., Web Producer

  • The staff at Steyer Associates, Inc. have a deep knowledge and understanding of the technical content space and were easily able to match my skills, as a project manager, into that space. This resulted in job satisfaction for me and a successful project outcome for the client. I would definitely recommend Steyer Associates.

    Louise R., Technical Project Manager

  • By coupling integrity and professionalism with superb technical writing and editing skills, Steyer brings a unique value proposition to every engagement. Rest assured your project is well on the way to success when you have Steyer folks on the job.

    John D., Programmer Writer

  • With Steyer Associates help, I landed a great vendor job in 2001. After returning to software development in 2010 with another vendor job offer, I needed a trustworthy company to help manage my employment contract. Easy decision: I contacted Steyer Associates. Heading into our third consecutive fiscal year, we continue to do everything possible to exceed our client’s expectations. Contact them as soon as possible.

    Matt L., Technical Editor

  • Steyer has been fantastic to work with. They provided me with all of the tools and support needed to work with projects that are a match for my skills. Steyer provides stellar service in their project management and support with professional and timely communication. They have great energy and passion for what they do at Steyer!

    Sheryl N., Medical Writer

  • As a veteran tech writer with many years of experience, I can honestly say that the time I have spent with Steyer has been a highlight of my career. Steyer embodies a depth of industry knowledge that is unparalleled. They really excel at finding assignments that are optimally matched to my skills and aptitudes.

    William F., Programmer Writer

  • Steyer reps worked feverishly to land me the right role at Microsoft. Their personable style, smart business instincts, and professional command of the minutiae produced the perfect result for all involved.

    Jim W., Technical Editor

  • Marty has worked as a writer himself, so he knows the business inside out, and does a good job of matching writers with positions. If you are an experienced professional, or are looking for one, you’ll have a tough time finding a better agency.

    Guy S., Programmer Writer

  • The Steyer staff is great. Each person really goes out of their way to address my questions and concerns.

    Faye S., Technical Writer

  • I’ve been making my way as a technical writer for the past 15 years, following a 10 year career as a network engineer. As a contract writer, I’ve signed up with various agencies over the years, and I can unequivocally state that Steyer is the best of the bunch. They treat me with the highest professional regard, offer real benefits in real time, and compensate me according to my experience and talent. I am completely satisfied with Steyer!

    Deborah J., Senior Technical Writer

  • Steyer Associates is a rarity–a smaller agency that works personally with clients and talent. The recruiters really care about matching consultants with the right position, not just filling seats. HR is on top of every detail. Since starting with Steyer last year, I’ve been highly impressed with the other Steyer writers–some of the best people in the industry.

    Donn T., Senior Technical Writer

  • Steyer staff excels at matching experienced professional writers with challenging projects and handling all the business details so that those of us who prefer to stay technical can do so.

    Penny O., Programmer Writer

  • The entire Steyer team is professional, accessible and exceptionally responsive. The attention to communication and benefits in the last two years gets high marks and is impressive.

    Robin M., Technical Program Manager

  • The people at Steyer Associates go out of their way to provide excellent rates, benefits and communications with their employees. At Steyer, you deal directly with the decision makers.

    Victor S., Programmer Writer

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