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We plan, create, and optimize world-class business content that helps our clients meet ambitious goals. Tell us what content you need, which model works best for you, and what your budget looks like; we guarantee same-day price estimates, attentive and personalized account management, and content services tailored to fit your needs.

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Managed Work

The way we approach managed work varies by scale:
Services are large, multi-year engagements with predictable, quantifiable task flows. Pricing for services is typically a set monthly amount, related to specific key performance indicators or metrics.Projects are long-term engagements, with a Steyer project manager overseeing the development of a stream of individually priced deliverables.Piecework is when Steyer produces individual deliverables as needed, with pricing from an a la carte-style menu.Tell us what you need, and we’ll put together a team of experienced content professionals to make it happen.


Add content professionals to your team on contract:
Steyer has over 20 years of experience connecting managers to the right writers, editors, producers, designers, and project managers looking to increase their team’s capacity on a temporary basis. Save on the costs associated with vacancy, recruiting, on- and off-boarding, and management by working with content professionals on a contract basis through Steyer.Let us know what kinds of experience and qualities you’d like to see in candidates, and we’ll match your list of must-haves with talent profiles from our curated network for your consideration.

Direct Hire

Steyer handles recruiting and salary negotiation for permanent content professional hires:
Looking to add to your team on a long-term basis? Finding the right person is hard if your recruiters don’t know content, and unfilled headcount can delay important work or stretch team members unsustainably. We make excellent matches by drawing on our content expertise and our deep pool of talent, and we have a long track record of efficiently filling positions.Tell us about your team, what kinds of experience and qualities you’d like to see in candidates, and your budget; we’ll match you with candidates for your consideration.

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