Steyer Associates inc. is a content agency dedicated to . . .

. . . providing excellent content services to our clients at competitive prices. Steyer specializes in technical and marketing content, with strong capabilities in areas such as project management, developer documentation, help and support content, graphic and UX design, marketing writing, content optimization, video production, and instructional design.

We have over 20 years of experience helping our clients communicate better with their customers and internal teams. Work with us through managed services, contract, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire engagements and rest easy knowing our talent receives some of the best benefits and consultant care in the industry. We’re proud to say we have a long history of happy clients, happy consultants, and successful projects.



We focus on content services because we believe excellent technical and marketing content is fundamental to doing business well.


We make people a priority. Steyer talent receives some of the best benefits and consultant care in the industry.


We deliver same-day estimates, dedicated account management, and a water-tight guarantee to our clients.

HBO Code Labs
Juniper Networks
Intermedia – the Business Cloud
Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Foundation
Sly Technologies – Global Networking Solutions
All Children’s Hospital – Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • As I contemplate how to describe a Steyer candidate, I think of our temp-to-perm Steyer hopeful who just had her one year anniversary with IronPlanet. She is an outgoing, can-do person who has personally wrangled many, many of our sales guys (yes, guys) and met their deliverables with charm, calmness and humor. I think about another colleague who spent a year with us putting structure to our public relations program, which spans five brands, myriad spokespeople, and 50+ trade publications. Again, a team player who pleasantly kept many balls in the air with very little supervision. And, finally, I think of Katelyn, our first “Steyer-ite” who, while working remotely, jumped in with both feet. She became a seamless member of our team, and whipped our blog into shape while also writing some bylines on pretty boring subject (but with her usual gusto). She was so good that she went in-house at Steyer to drive their marketing efforts.

    Steyer finds people who fit your organization. Ours is a fast, independent, chocolate-eating group that laughs a lot. Steyer knew we had a certain “grab hold” type of culture and were able to find people who fit and who could work within our team dynamic. They are a people-driven firm that acts quickly and professionally, but with a heart for the work and their clients.

    Susan Stillings, IronPlanet SVP

  • I choose Steyer because they really take care of my people.

    Todd Y., Microsoft Manager

  • When I was a Principal Content Publishing Manager at Microsoft, technical writers and editors from Steyer helped us document our business processes. We started with processes and intranet content for the CPub team, but the work was so well done that we had the Steyer experts document several of the broader team’s practices, including Product Lifecycle documentation, product specifications, and intranet content. We would not have been able to complete that work without the resources from Steyer.

    Shawn P., Senior Content Strategist

  • Steyer was a great place for me to cut my teeth on technical writing. The staff is excellent, the support is on point, and they employ good writers who know how to get the job done.

    Andrew S., Content Developer

  • I love Steyer. By far, the best agency I have ever contracted with. I would refer anyone I know to your company with the highest level of confidence.

    James R., Project Manager

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Steyer Associates is a content agency that provides top-notch writers and other content professionals to clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-up ventures. We have over 20 years of experience helping clients meet their project goals. One indication of client satisfaction: almost 90% of our business comes from repeat clients and referrals.

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