About Us
Steyer Content uses world-class writing, video, code, and design to create transformative experiences that build trust and grow revenue for our clients. We provide Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Tesla, HBO, and other leading technical and media companies with content services, which we back with a water-tight guarantee and our over 20-year history of helping our clients meet their project goals.

Diverse teams deliver the strongest business results.
Our History

We are an ever-growing, ever-changing band of content professionals: writers, editors, designers, animators, video producers, project managers, and others with the rich rainbow of skillsets needed to make impactful business content. Steyer Content was founded in 1998 by Marty Steyer, an accomplished technical writer with a large network of fellow technical communicators and hiring managers at Microsoft and other tech companies in the Seattle area. Kate Walton (our CEO and owner) purchased the company in 2017 with a vision to strengthen, diversify, and grow our offerings to better to meet the market's growing need for high-quality content services.

For more than two decades, we have built our talent pool largely by word of mouth. That’s been an advantage in some ways; for one thing, it’s allowed us to assemble good content teams FAST. But it’s also been limiting. Most importantly, we’ve failed to access the full depth and breadth of the talent that we know is out there—talent we need in order to produce the strongest possible content for our clients. So we’re determined to change our ways.

Some companies need convincing that a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) makes business sense—or that there’s an available pipeline of diverse talent to be found.

We are not one of those companies.

Just to give you a glimpse: Before finding her way to Seattle, Kate was born in South Africa, raised in the Midwest, shaped by the glorious cacophony that is New York City, and schooled by six action-packed years in Asia. A thirst for diverse perspectives has characterized Kate’s entire life, and as a manager and entrepreneur, she has operated for decades with the deep-seated conviction that only a diverse team can truly produce the best work.

Since acquiring Steyer Content in 2017, Kate’s first focus was on shoring it up financially. This involved expanding our scope to include all types of content (not just technical writing), diversifying our client base, extending our geographic reach, and building a robust managed services capability.

This plan could not have been executed without the culture changes that enabled Kate to attract and retain the talent required to pull off such a complicated turn-around. Things like supporting remote work, flexible scheduling, and a “results-only” lens on performance. Because of these culture shifts, we now employ more parents of young children, more senior women, and more people requiring accommodations than we ever have. Not because these were goals in their own right—just because that’s what it took to get, and to keep, the talent we required.

All that said, we’re just getting started: fewer than 3% of our total team (back office and consultants) identify as people of color, and that means we are still missing out. We do not yet have nearly the diversity we need to produce the work we aim to produce, and in this next phase of our growth, addressing this weakness will be top of mind. Not as a vague aspiration, but in the form of a plan every bit as concrete as the turnaround plan that netted us new life.

To advise us on the development and execution of our formal DEI plan, we have engaged The Norfus Firm. As we do this important work, we will share along the way. Please check back here for those updates—and to share your feedback and ideas.

The changes we hope to effect will not happen overnight, but we intend to maintain DEI as a priority for the long haul. Our work will continue until our team is representative of the country as a whole. And even then, the equity and inclusion work will of course continue. For us, it’s about way more than the numbers; it’s about creating an environment and opportunities that are attractive, accessible, and sustainable for all. We’re invigorated by this work and excited to share it with you as we progress.

If you thrill to the task of connecting people with information in a way that clarifies and delights, you’re a kindred spirit. We want to know you, and we want you to know us.