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Finding Stability in the Gig Economy

Maggie Mertens November 15, 2016

Many people find the idea of working as a contractor, putting together income from various projects and sources, to sound freeing and flexible—and it can be! But not knowing when your next check will arrive, or whether a new...

How to Nurture Your Artistic Soul in a High-Tech Workplace

Anne Hurley September 12, 2016

I know just how you feel. You didn’t go into writing/editing/designing just to end up posting “content” in a series of tools all day long. You wanted to express yourself! Think of big ideas and blast them from the...

Working Under Pressure, or: Keeping Cool When the Heat Is On

Peter Baumgartner August 20, 2015

No one is a stranger to overwhelming pressure. Whether it’s in your personal life or workplace, getting buried under a pile of things to do is draining and demoralizing. Making lists is my way of trying to turn chaos...

Three Ways to Use Emotion to Find Professional Inspiration

Peter Baumgartner July 29, 2015

Inspiration has a major effect on our emotional well-being. Better awareness of our emotional states can position us to find inspiration where we might otherwise miss it. Here are some examples of how top creators have used their emotions to find...

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