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We see DEI as both a moral imperative and a business imperative: we produce content for a highly diverse population and, to continue to do that well, we the content creators need to be an increasingly diverse group ourselves.

What is Steyer doing on the DEI front?

We’ve done a lot, and we have so much more to do. After becoming a woman-owned business in 2017, step one was to get stronger financially, diversifying our client base, and expanding into new markets and new business models. Having shored ourselves up (as they say: put on your own oxygen mask first!), we’re now able to fund a sustained DEI effort, and we’re deeply committed to it.Our early progress has been with women and on the accessibility front. We invest deeply in executive coaching, and we have promoted from within.

Women account for 75% of our Leadership Team.

We have also invested in understanding (well before the pandemic) how remote work, flexible scheduling, and the strategic use of technology can accommodate a range of disabilities and needs, enabling us to work with new talents we might otherwise have missed. Although we don’t capture data on gender identity and sexual orientation, we know we have meaningful representation along these dimensions, and we are continuing the neverending work of building an ever-more inclusive team culture.

Commitment & Momentum

That said, we have miles to go: too few members of our current team identify as Black, Indigenous, Latino, or Asian. Changing this will take some time, but we are determined to do the work, personally and organizationally. We know that we will be missing out on too much talent if we don’t. Helping us to re-think our recruiting operations and evolve our culture is a wonderful DEI consultancy, The Norfus Firm. The momentum, however, is internal and strong:

We have taken steps to diversify our talent pipeline including diversifying our team, stress-testing our JDs for inclusivity, expanding our searches, and setting operational goals.
We have an active #social_justice channel on Slack where team members come to educate themselves and get involved.
We host monthly DEI sessions involving guest speakers and discussion groups.
We have a community engagement program called the Greater Good Taskforce. By creating content (for free) for nonprofits and small businesses in need, we are routinely breaking out of our hightech bubble, expanding our horizons, and meeting new talent.