CEO’s Note: Our Shared Steyer Vision

Hello from Steyer Content!

In my last note, I explained what drew me to this business: my firm belief that content matters. Good content makes connections, builds relationships, and improves the human experience.

It’s been more than a year since then (!), and much has happened:

  • We now produce a wider range of content (technical, marketing, research, etc.), using a richer set of tools/techniques (video, 3-D illustrations, interactive experiences, etc.).
  • In addition to placing contractors and direct hire talent, we have built a robust Managed Services practice that handles client projects from beginning to end.
  • We have grown our client base to include companies like Tesla, Juniper, and HBO, and we established a new office in the Bay Area, including a Lead Recruiter dedicated to that market.
  • We’ve also undergone an ownership change: earlier this year, I purchased the company from Marty Steyer, our founder and longtime CEO.

As you can imagine, that’s a lot of change for any one team to endure—but steadying us has always been a powerful, shared vision. Too often, company vision statements hang disembodied in conference rooms and over the years, they can start to look like Orwellian bunk. We don’t want that to happen here, so at the risk of looking hopelessly earnest, we’ve decided to share our vision with all of you. My hope is that publicly confessing to our aspirations will create the kind of accountability that I think we all need to be our best selves. To that end, here is what we’re trying to achieve day in and day out:

To be respected for our work

  • Producing high-quality, innovative, multimedia content
  • Connecting high-caliber content professionals to worthwhile work

To be trusted for our integrity

  • Delivering on our promises—large and small
  • Operating with maximum transparency

To be known for our warmth

  • Nurturing authentic relationships with clients and consultants
  • Taking care of people as people—not assets

To be a workplace that attracts, retains, and inspires top performers

  • Setting goals that are ambitious—but also clear and reachable
  • Creating a culture of communication, collaboration, trust, creativity, and fun

It probably goes without saying but, in the interests of transparency, I’ll say it anyway: sustaining this vision will also require careful financial management, with a focus on a competitive cost model and ongoing diversification. We’re feeling bullish, though. We’ve seen that companies can thrive, not despite their values but because of them. That’s our aim, and if you ever feel the need, we hope you’ll remind us of it. In the meantime, thank you for being part of our community of content enthusiasts. We look forward to staying connected.

Until the next quarter!


Kate Walton, CEO | Steyer Content
T 206.858.8206, C 206.399.3375

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