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SAP Sales Cloud:ebookWhy Enterprise CPQ Implementations Fail

Steyer pitched and developed the copy for this e-book as part of an ongoing partnership with SAP Sales Cloud, an enterprise software and SaaS company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Content StrategyContent Gap AnalysisAs part of our content strategy offering for clients, we complete rigorous audits of existing content and analyze what we find, ultimately using our analysis to develop strategy recommendations...
Microsoft ITUX Mock UpMicrosoft’s Partner Network connects qualifying businesses with Microsoft resources through its Partner Incentives Program, and the program’s dashboard needed an improved all-up dashboard...
Microsoft Office MAXOnline knowledge base articleFor Office, Steyer provided a managed writing and design service that created, revised, and maintained Office suite support content.
Microsoft ResearchArticle / Blog PostMicrosoft engaged Steyer to contribute SME interviewing and writing services for the Microsoft Research Blog, which puts a spotlight on the many activities and efforts of the company’s research...
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